Planning for retirement is essential for you and your family. Our investment professionals can help you develop a solid retirement plan that ensures you will have the funds you need to enjoy a comfortable and rewarding retirement. Have questions? Click the button below to contact a Trust Representative, Stop by one of our convenient locations, call (307)577-3410 for the New Accounts Department, or call our Trust Department at (307)-577-3571.

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“An IRA is a personal savings plan that gives you tax advantages for setting aside money for retirement,” according to Publication 590 available through the IRS. This setting aside can be in the form of mutual funds, stocks, bonds, FDIC insured savings or time deposit accounts and within certain limitations, real estate and other investments.

Enhance your retirement income by saving tax-advantage funds in an IRA. Hilltop offers an IRA choice – Traditional, Roth or Education – sure to suit your needs. And, we can help you decide which is right for you. IRA deposits of all sizes are welcome.

Traditional IRAs:

A Traditional IRA is tax deferred. Generally, a tax deduction is received for contributions. Taxes are paid on both the principal and interest when distributed. No contributions can be made after age 70. Required Minimum Distributions must begin by April 1st following the year you reach age 70 1/2.

Roth IRAs:

Roth IRAs are purchased with after-tax money which means there is no deduction for contributions. The benefit of a Roth is that it grows tax-free until age 59 1/2 or older. If employed, one can contribute to a Roth after age 70 and there are no Required Minimum Distributions. You can leave your money in a Roth as long as you live if you choose. Note that there are income limitations and exceptions. It is recommended that you consult a tax professional to aid in determining which type of IRA is best for you.


These retirement plans are started by employers. After the employer chooses the plan, Hilltop will be glad to assist employees with their individual accounts. Contact New Accounts Manager or the Trust Department for further information.

Rollover Individual Retirement Account (IRA):

The Rollover IRA is designed for individuals receiving a large lump-sum distribution as a result of retirement, death, disability, change of job, plan termination or as an elected transfer or withdrawal. Certain payouts from a pension or profit sharing plan can be rolled over to an IRA with no tax implications. To defer taxes on the distribution, the rollover must be made within 60 days. Hilltop National Bank is also able to receive a direct rollover from a qualified plan to an IRA that will also meet the rules for tax deferral.

Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account:

Self-directed IRAs (SDA) are one of the fastest growing types of IRAs, primarily because of their flexibility. SDAs allow you to direct your retirement dollars into a broad range of investments so that you can match your savings plan to the level of risk you desire. They are appealing to those who are familiar with the stock market, desire higher yields, want to actively direct their own investments, and are willing to take more risks with their retirement savings.

Certificate of Deposit/Time Deposit

Place your money on deposit with us in a Hilltop Time Deposit. Choose a term of as little as 31 days or as long as 6 years. Your interest rate may vary with the length of term and size of deposit.

These are interest-bearing investments with a locked in return after the specified time is completed. There is a penalty for early withdrawal and a minimum of $1,000 required to open. Since your investment is not as easily accessible in a CD, these accounts offer higher interest rates than Money Market Savings. They also encourage long-term savings and are FDIC insured. For current rates on IRA time deposits please contact new accounts at (307)577-3410.