Please follow these steps to activate and receive text notifications when using the Manage My Cards option through mobile banking without signing up for the Card Valet app.

Once logged in, please click on the Profile option near the top of the page.mobility1


Next, click on the Manage Devices option to the right of Mobile Banking.


You will now need to look to see if your phone number is listed under the Device Details.  If it is not, you will want to choose Add New Device.  If it is, use the drop down box on the right of the screen and choose Change my Mobile Banking services option and click Go.











If you are adding a device, you will want to add you phone number and click continue.


Next, please click on the Text Messaging and Card Controls Alerts and click Continue. (Be sure to check both options if you are changing your settings as well.)


You will now be sent an activation code that will need to be entered into the space provided and then click Activate.mobility7






Finally, you will receive an Activation Successful screen once complete. You can then choose to go back to the mobile banking menu or exit mobile banking.  You should now receive text message alerts regarding the settings that you have set within the Manage Cards option through mobile banking.