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Irrevocable Trust

An Irrevocable Trust is an arrangement where the grantor departs with ownership and control of property without direct ownership being granted to any beneficiary. Generally once established, an Irrevocable Trust cannot be changed or canceled. In exchange for giving up control of your assets, there are certain tax advantages to establishing an Irrevocable Trust. This type of trust can provide for the income, education and support of your beneficiaries and manage assets for the benefit of a surviving spouse and children. You may also use certain types of Irrevocable Trusts to take advantage of tax benefits in providing gifts to charities and non-profit organizations of your choice.

By appointing Hilltop National Bank as Trustee of your Irrevocable Trust, you will ensure that your Trust receives personal attention from one of our professional, experienced Trust Officers who can provide prudent investment management for your beneficiaries.

Please email or visit one of the Trust and Financial Services Department Officers at the main office to determine if a Irrevocable Trust is appropriate for you and what Hilltop National Bank can provide as Trustee.

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